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Upward Bound Math and Science

Upward Bound Math and Science (UBMS) is a TRiO program funded by the US Department of Education. It is designed to strengthen the Math and Science skills of participating students. Our goal is to help students recognize and develop their potential to excel academically, to pursue post-secondary education and ultimately, careers in STEAM-related fields.

What we offer:

  • Academic counseling
  • Tutoring services
  • College prep services
  • STEAM mentoring assistance 
  • Career exploration in the fields of math and science
  • And many more!

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Citizen, permanent resident, or national of the United States, Guam, the Northern Marianas Islands (CNMI), FSM, Palau, or the Republic of the Marshall Island;
  • First generation college student, or a low-income individual;
  • Have a need for academic support and plan to pursue college after high school;
  • Must maintain, at a minimum, a 2.5 GPA;
  • Have completed 8th grade but have not finished high school (no younger than 13 years old and no older than 19)

How to join:

Stop by our office to pick up an application packet, or download the copy located below! Inside is a checklist of all required paperwork to be submitted alongside the application.

You will need:

  • The UBMS student application form/packet
  • Recommendation forms (2)
  • Parents Wage & Tax statement (W2)
  • Copy of Social Security Card (SS)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate OR Passport
  • Transcript (10th – 12th grades)
  • Copy of 8th grade report card OR elementary school transcript (9th GRADE ONLY)
  • Copy of IOWA Test scores/results
  • Any other supporting document!

Contact Information:

  • Tchuzie Tadao
    • Program Director
    • Cell #: 775-3965
    • Email:
  • TE Joshua
    • Admin Assistant
    • Cell#: 775-1875
    • Email:
  • Kate Oiph
    • Science Coordinator
    • Cell#: 775-2850
    • Email:
  • Verlene “Ime” Joseph
    • Math Coordinator
    • Cell#: 775-5635
    • Email:
  • Carlo Olkeriil
    • Academic Advisor
    • Cell#: 775-2848
    • Email:
  • Rosania “Orrekim” Olegeriil
    • Academic Advisor
    • Cell#: 775-3067
    • Email:
  • Office Information
    • Phone #: 488-2039
    • Fax #: 488-2038
    • Email:
    • Office hours: Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm

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You can find the application packet, student handbook, student checklist, and brochure here: UBMS Application Packet ; UBMS Student Checklist ; UBMS Student Handbook ; UBMS Brochure